3D Anaglyph Patterns/Abstraction

3D Anaglyph Patterns/Abstraction

Now I have fully grasped the concept of 3D anaglyph photography I have decided to make my work personal. I was doing work based on abstraction in three dimensions, however I found that I reached a limit where there was nothing personal to it.
I started to think how can I make my work personal and this is when I discovered ‘Art Brut’ or otherwise known as ‘Outside Art’, where self taught artists work spontaneously without influence from the outside world. These artist generally have some form of mental illness.

This was very intense to discover as I suffer from bipolar disorder and decided then to work spontaneously but then also to use what I have learned to perfect a kind of self portrait of my mind. To put my emotions onto canvas and my mental state and then digitally manipulate the images to create a final image. These all show different mental states. This image shows me on a particularly good day and slightly manic, however look at my other images and you will get a different sense of the pole changes in moods.

Creating abstract 3D Anaglyph effect.

Creating abstract 3D Anaglyph effect.

So for the upcoming Canterbury festival I am exploring the theme of “nature”.
Therefore I decided the literal wasn’t interesting for me, and wanted to create types of abstracted photography.
3D is a sort of passion of mine, so experiments are going on, here was one I done just for fun, it has potential as some areas work.
However this isn’t a true anaglyph and I only manipulated one image. But that’s the point of an experiment. To try out little tricks without pressure of an amazing outcome. This experiment allows me to select certain elements of a single image and only make that part 3D. It gives me a greater sense of control and possibly the chance to learn how to be selective with the effect/illusion.