Visual Research and texts for the men project. To inform and to educate myself in different conflicts, different military bodies. These are important to understand the area im looking into in far greater conceptial detail.

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Next step in my road to a career.

Next step in my road to a career.

After much research and understanding of a potential career.

I found my myself extremely interested in Art Therapy, to become this I cannot just finish and get my degree in Fine Art but will have to undertake another qualification. I will have to complete an MA in Art Therapy. I looked into various Universities offering this degree and it is rather scarce only a handful have the MA. Without the MA however I cannot become an Art Therapist, as it is required by the (BAAT) The British Association of Art Therapists. This is watchdog that makes sure every person working in this field is qualified for the role.

The reason I chose Goldsmiths University is because it is known to have a very strong art department that would allow me to further my knowledge and practice in Art. This then would allow me to give knowledge and insight to a patient in the future. I would also go on to learn therapy, theories of therapy and undertake some of my own therapy.

Goldsmiths is also reasonably local and it has a vibe and atmosphere that I find captivating it gives off an image of creativity and excitement.

I do believe unless you have strong desires and ambitions you will never fulfil them. So I have quite the task on my hand but I look forward to the future and the challenge.

12 Ideas to Increase Productivity

Good way to stay up to date with work.

Everyday Power Blog

Affirmations for Success and Positive Attitude at Work

So the question is, how do we use these tips? Which ones do we use first? Do we try to use all of them at once? Will my productivity improve if I only use a couple of the ideas?

What if you made the big picture commitment to increase your productivity in 30 days? How would life be different? What if you said, I will only utilize 1 tip at a time, and I will spend 2-3 days on each tip. After 30 days, you will have experimented with all of them and now you know which ones work best for you. Make sense?

Give it a try and tell me how it goes.

This infographic originally come from here.

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